Because he is my heart, my little sunshine.

Because he makes me want to jump in a pile of leaves and play.

Because when he laughs, I laugh too.

Because I want to eat  those little freckles.

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I am going to have to break down this  magnificent Australian wedding into stages. There are so many images I am going to share, and they each deserve their own little spot in the events of the day…..each event is such an integral part in the making of a wedding.

Mel…you looked stunning before the day even began…

The lovely Mother of the Bride….

Alicia…I cannot put into words how gorgeous you are girl…..

The adorable flower girl…

Next up…..the ceremony…

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Where have I been?


My second home…well, I would like it to be my second home but alas it is not.  Lennox Head and Byron Bay Australia, where I spent one of the best years of my life a very loooooooooong time ago. I was so incredibly lucky to go back after 13 years to see my dear friends, and to attend and photograph a most spectacular wedding.  Most importantly I got to see my favorite country (ok, my second favorite) and some of my very favorite people and places.  Oh, and did I mention that Dave and I had 10, yes 10 days without children. Words cannot even describe how amazing that was, we even decided that we will be just fine when the kids grow up and move out, because we actually do like each other’s company very, very much.

I have so many  more images to post but just one of the stunningly gorgeous bride and her groom.

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