Warmest Wishes….

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of my clients this year! I send my warmest holiday wishes to you and your families this Christmas season.  I am officially closed for the next week to spend time with friends and family…and of course to eat cookies!!! I will be back the first week of January and will officially open my 2010 session calendar. I already have quite a waiting list so if you are thinking of booking a session this year…..don’t wait!


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Love is in the Air

These two braved some really windy and cold conditions for their session. At the risk of sounding completely corny……..I don’t think they noticed the weather at all. It could have been snowing and I don’t think it would have bothered them one bit.  Doing engagement sessions is so much fun. There is so much excitement, kissing, anticipation, kissing, happiness and a bit of kissing. There is such a magical feeling to the unknown future that lies ahead.  Come wind, come rain, come cold, they have each other to keep warm now and always.




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Meet one of the most awesome families I know.  Not only are they beautiful, they are just as amazing on the inside as they are on the outside.  Mom has been my best friend since 4th grade, and I cannot imagine my life without her. Having a friend that is so dear and knows you so well (too well!) is one of life’s sweetest blessings. We made it through grade school together, through Henry David Thoreau in 9th grade English, through boyfriends, through break-ups, through college and now through marriage and motherhood. We took these a few months ago on a wonderfully warm evening, and when I was editing them last night (took me long enough huh?!) I couldn’t help but be swept up in the delicious memories of summer.









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