“Oh the Places You’ll Go” – NJ Baby Photographer

One of my favorite Dr. Seuss books is “Oh the Places You’ll Go”. I remember getting it as a gift from one of my best friends when I graduated from college. At the time, the only place I was thinking about going was to bed because I had been pulling all nighters for finals the week before. But, I don’t think that was quite the intent of the gift:) I am a very nostalgic and sappy person, and when I actually sat down to read the book, I got all teary eyed and hopeful about what my future held and  about the “places I would go”.  I look at my children sometimes (in my sappiest of sappy moments…which are way too frequent I might add) and again the tears well up when I dare to imagine what they will become and just where they will go.

The first time I photographed this little man, he could fit perfectly on his Dad’s arm. All safe and secure not really going anywhere on his own.

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Just 7 months later the motion has begun. Perfecting the drag your feet behind you, pull with your arms- army crawl, this peanut most certainly has places to go, people to see and a myriad of things to chew on along the way. I am always so honored to capture a few of the milestones along the journey.




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